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Do I need to check in?
Can I have my parent or coach check me in?
What time does registration open on the day of the clinic?
Do I need to be warmed up before the clinic starts?
What should I wear to the clinic?


I need to drop out of the clinic because of a change of plans, injury, family emergency, etc. Can I get a refund?
  • If the entire Clinic is cancelled due to rain or some other unforeseen event, we will issue you a refund by check, based on the following formula. $50.00 of your paid registration fee will be non-refundable, due to pre-Clinic incurred expenses. The non-refundable amount may increase at the sole discretion of Fastpitch Showdowns, depending upon incurred costs for that Clinic.
  • If you withdraw from the Clinic for any reason prior to 14 days before the Clinic date, your registration fee will be refunded minus a $50.00 administration fee.
  • If you withdraw from the Clinic for any reason less than 14 days before the Clinic date your registration fees will be totally nonrefundable. Registration may be transferable. Please email ash@fastpitchshowdowns.com if you want to transfer your registration.
  • Method of refund depends on when payment and refund request are made. Refunds will be issued no later than August 15th.


When I signed up my primary position was not available. Can I switch positions or play multiple positions on site?
I am a pitcher. Do I need to bring a catcher?

Recruiting/Digital Player Profile Package

How will the coaches know who I am?
  • From the data you submit with your online registration, we create a player profile book that goes to all college coaches at the clinic. You are also given a bib number that is unique to you so coaches can find you in the book
When will my NFCA¬determined skills measurement testing results be available?
  • The skills results for all participants in the clinic will be included in the Combine Report which will be emailed out to all participants and college coaches approximately 10 days after the clinic. We will also post it to our web site at that time.
How much does the Combine Report cost?
  • The Combine Report is free to all participants.
Is the Digital Player Profile Package included in my registration?
  • No. The fee for the personalized PDF is $30.
What is in the Digital Player Profile Package?
  • It includes both a personalized PDF with your picture, data that you submit when you register for the Clinic (Grad Year, GPA, Contact info, etc) as well as the skills measurements collected at the clinic. The package also includes a link to a video of your batting practice with the audio of college coach feedback.
How is the Digital Player Profile Package different than the Combine Report?
I want to order my Digital Player Profile. How do I do that?
  • At the Registration area at the clinic, we will be accepting payment for the individual player profiles. Also, throughout the tournament we will be accepting payment at Tournament Headquarters.
When can I expect to receive my Digital Player Profile Package?
  • The Digital Player Profile package will be emailed to you approximately 2-3 weeks after the event. This will include the Player Profile PDF as an attachment and a link to your hitting video.
I didn’t order my Digital Player Profile Package onsite, but now I would like to purchase one. How do I do that?
  • There will be a link in the email that contains the Combine Report which you will receive 7-10 days after the event. We will also post a link on www.fastpitchshowdowns.com to purchase the package after the event.
It is more than 3 weeks after the clinic and I have not received the Digital Player Profile Package that I purchased. What should I do?